CIF-GPS Fleet management for users and integrators

CIF-GPS Fleets is a server-client application for the management of data and information received/sent from the vehicle to the base and viceversa, siguientes:

Integration CIF-GPS in the management

  • The identification of the drivers received from "iButton" devices.
  • Location data of the vehicles received from the GPS devices.
  • Internal data from the vehicle (consumption, velocities, etc.) obtained from the CanBus of the vehicles with the protocol J1939
  • Sending/receipt of messages in a predefined format, that may be integrated in the general management of comapanies, from/to Android mobiles and IOS (iPhone, iPad), such as work orders and reports, refuelling, etc. with their notifications.

It may be used as an:

  • Independentautonomous application, or as an...
  • Application integrated in other third party management applications

It is a practical and simple solution that provides the following types of companies with value:

  • Transportation of merchandise and passangers
  • Distribution and delivery of merchandise
  • Maintenance, reparation and installation in the clients´premises
  • Sales representatives that visit companies
  • etc.

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The CIF-GPS application is offered in standard
version downloadable from the Internet, and in personalized versions by means of specific "ad-hoc" developments to satisfy the concrete needs of the users.

  • Location of vehicles, their routes, starts and stops, kilometers driven, velocities, destinations, tasks associated to the vehicle.
  • Control de Geozones and notifications.
  • The possibility of being integrated by third parties in other management progrmas, either by means of a series of WEB services published by CIF-GPS, or by means of a "dll" library. For example, CIF-GPS has been integrated with our ERP programs (CIF-TRACK) and (CIF-TRANS) Fleet management, providing information on the controled vehicles

  • Sending/receipt of messages in a predefined format from the vehicel to the base and viceversa using Android mobiles and IOS (iPhone, iPad).
    Some typical cases are the following:

    • Notification of the start/finish of the service from the vehicle.
    • Sending/receipt of work orders and reports.
    • Amount of fuel at refueling
    • Direct expense allocation etc.
  • Generation of standard and customized reports
  • Control of divers vehicle parameters by means of the CanBus, among others consumption.
  • Identification of the driver (by means of iButton keys)

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CIF GPS-Fleets has been designed to be easily adaptable to other management applications or systems in existence or being developed. To this end, it has programming/integration interfaces
The CIF-GPS server application is available in versions for Windows or Linux, it comes equipped with a series of WEB services by means of which you can consult and modify information on the vehicle devices from other applications.

  • Manage and consult data from vehicles, GPS devices and CanBus, iButton etc.
  • Manage and consult positions of vehicles relative to predefined Geozones (destinations, routes, etc.)
  • Manage and consult destinations, client locations, etc.
  • Manage and consult notifications.
  • Sending/receipt of messages in a predefined format from/to the vehicles
  • Manage and consult data related to the tasks (actions taken, start and finish date, vehicle, whereabouts)
  • Consult vehicle device reads (between dates, obtaining positions, velocities and kilometers driven)

One can also use a “dll” library with functions similar to those above to manage data, as well as to add new registries (vehicles, whereabouts...), for those environments that don´t admit WEB services.

These options allow one to operate independently from another management software, without the need to use the CIF-GPS client application, so that the users may have at their disposal new added functionalities to the software that they already know and use.

The CIF-GPS client application. Presents a screen interface to manage the vehicles, locations, supervise routes, sending/receipt of messages and also:

  • A windows designer. This allows one to customize the appearance and content of the route, location and service management windows according to the client´s requirements. In these screens one could include the data from other applications which one could access by means of standard data base connection APIs.
  • Possibility of programming. This allows the integrators to develop modules to add new functionalities, modify those in existence or the processing of one¨own data (from CIF-GPS) or from other applications using VBScript, JScript, PascalScript, C++ Script.

The customization of the entire CIF-GPS Fleets solution will be performed by CIF staff or by the IT department of the integrator or client.
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CIF-GPS supports different GPS devices that emit data in TCP and in UDP.
The standard version directly supports the devices Teltonika (Nokia components) and Matrix (Siemens card).

The devices to be installed depend on the features one would like to implement.

  • Teltonika model FM1100: offers GPRS and GSM connectivity, GPS location and identification of the driver by means of iButton keys.
  • Teltonika model FM4200: offers the same as the FM1100 model, but it additionally has the connection to the CanBus of the vehicle (direct connection to the J1939 protocol, other protocols need a converter). The connection by means of the CanBus allows one to obtain vehicle registries, such as the levels and consumption of fuel.
  • iButton Key: offers driver identification by means of the installation of a key reader in the vehicle (connected to the Teltonika device) and a unique key in the form of a button for the driver.

The devices to be installed in the vehicle may be acquired, either through CIF, or directly from the manufacturer.

The configuration of the Teltonika devices is automatic and is performed by CIF by means of the sending of an SMS to the device. To this end, once: (1) the CIF-GPS application has been installed and registered, (2) the device has been connected, (3) its SIM data card has been incorporated and (4) the PIN has been freed, the user must fill out and send the configuration form indicating the IMEI code of the device, telephone number and operator of the SIM card.

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Once installed, the application must be registered in CIF and it must be assigned an access identifier. The registered application can initially be connected to one sole device (vehicle) for testing. The first connection license is free.

To increase the maximum number of connected devices (vehicles) one has to acquire device connection licenses at CIF (one at a time or various with one purchase). The price of the new device licenses is that which corresponds to the range in question, bearing in mind the preexisting ones, and once acquired they are added automatically to the maximum number authorized for the registered application.

If afterwards, the application is restored in another server its registration and identifier are preserved, as well as the maximum number of authorized licenses, albeit with one sole registration, only one application can function.

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