CIF-GPS in the cloud


CIF-GPS can be installed in an actual physical server (hardware) as well as in a dedicated virtual server that functions in any provider of computing services in the cloud (cloud computing) (Cloud Computing).

In the cloud, you can have at your disposal private virtual servers (that only you can control-or authorize to third parties- by means of a simple virtual console), that will provide you with service (with mobility), that you may have dimensioned to the size you require at any moment, you will even be able to plan different processing capacity in predefined periods of time. For example, a service provider in the cloud that CIF uses is "Amazon Web Services EC2" (Elastic Computer Cloud) that allows one to configure a dedicated virtual and scalable server in which CIF-GPS functions as a server.

Our world is moving towards these virtual services in the cloud, since they offer security and allow companies not to worry about computer equipment and technologies. The actual quality of the services in the cloud is very good in general.

We are not just referring to a mere storage of files in the cloud (cloud storage), rather we would like to emphasize that CIF-GPS is an application (server/ client/ Web-browser) that is designed to function in the cloud services.


You can test the standard version of CIF-GPS, without installing it in any of your company´s servers, in a CIF virtual Web server in the cloud (whose service provider is Amazon EC2) by accessing "Test CIF-GPS in the cloud". A test instance of CIF-GPS specifically for you with your data base will be created automatically in the cloud.

To contract the service of one server in the cloud and install the application according to your specifications, do not hesitate in calling us if necessary (the installation lasts approximately one hour- the cost of one service ticket-).

The advantages of lodging CIF-GPS in the cloud is the convenience, security, scalability and mobility of the service, since in the servers of your physical network (hardware) you must perform tasks that can be avoided with the virtual server in the cloud, such as:

    • COnfiguring and maintaining the routers and network devices to allow access to all the terminals (including those that are located outside the organization´s premises).
    • The preventive maintenance of the access connection to Internet, specially if one would like to connect to Internet from outside the organization (though all that is required is the opening of the Web navigation port).
    • Restrict the physical access to the server if it is located in a non-secure zone.
    • Maintaining uninterrupted electrical supply systems, and in some cases the need to refrigerate the equipment.
    • And finally, but very importantly, the preventive maintenance of the actual server hardware dedicated to CIF-GPS (occasionally the hard disks, the processors and the memories can fail, and one has to plan the renewal of the computer equipment, have a hardware failure response strategy, and keep back-up copies).

By lodging CIF-GPS in a virtual server in the cloud you will obtain the following advantages:

      • As it is a virtual server dedicated to CIF-GPS, as opposed to the services devoted exclusively to storage in the cloud, only you will have control over your virtual machine, as you would on your own physical equipment, since you will have contracted the service directly from the provider of services in the cloud (you could also authorize third parties permanently or occasionally).
      • You will have eliminated the requirement of maintaining the necessary hardware and infrastructure. You won´t have to consider buying computer equipment/terminals and worrying about their failure.
      • The service providers in the cloud have well-conditioned data centers which are prepared to handle contingencies, and reduce the risk of service interruption and data loss.
      • You will have computational elasticity and scalability, since, depending on the chosen service provider, it will be possible to augment or rapidly reduce the processing capacities of the virtual server dedicated to CIF-GPS this way adjusting its performance (and thus its final cost) to the requirements at any given time.
      • You will have access to CIF-GPS from anywhere, since only an internet connection will be required from the work station or from any mobile device with internet access, eliminating the requirement to configure the organization´s network devices to allow entering traffic.
  • In both cases (server in the cloud or actual physical installation) it will be necessary to secure the information in the CIF-GPS server by means of back-up copies of the data base, but in the cloud, it will be possible to perform complete copies in the virtual machines with their data, reducing this way the time required for restoration to a few minutes without having to reinstall the entire system, which is a real advantage.

The installation of CIF-GPS in the cloud can be performed by your technicians or by anyone that may assist you, or you may request assistance from CIF so that we may help you and answer any of your queries. CIF will provide assistance whenever it is required, in contracting the service of a service provider in the cloud, in configuring the server and putting it into production, etc. You may contact us at contact from in the Web page.

The time required to install CIF-GPS in the cloud in a dedicated virtual server is approximately one hour (the cost of one ticket). The account with the service provider in the cloud will be exclusively yours, and only upon request and your prior authorization, will CIF act whenever you require it to resolve any incidence that may come up, by means of the acquisition of assistance "tickets".

Please do not hesitate in contacting us at contact form in the Web page to pose any question, we will attend to you rapidly.


You can test CIF-GPS installed in the virtual servers in the cloud that we have contracted with the provider Amazon Web Services EC2 (Elastic Computer Cloud). This way, you won´t need to perform a CIF-GPS server installation in your work stations/computer equipment.

To do so, you will need to fill out the registration form at the Web page ( and subsequently, a ready-configured data base will be created automatically for your exclusive use. Thus, you will only have to download the desktop application on your computer (client program) to access all the operative functionalities of CIF-GPS.

What you will test in the cloud will be the same CIF-GPS with all its operative and developmental functionalities that you may download and install in your server for free. This version of CIF-GPS isn´t customized to the specific requirements of your company, but it has all the development tools and in any case it could be customized by CIF to your specifications by acquiring assistance "tickets".

We indicate below what you need to do to test CIF-GPS from the cloud:

  • Firstly, we need to create a new test user filling out the registration form in the principal page.

    Fill out your name, e-mail, the password you would like to use to connect to CIF-GPS, and the indicated validation code.

    If you have already used your e-mail address to register another data base you won´t be able to reuse it, you will have to use a different e-mail address, or you could contact us so that we may free up your previous e-mail address. You can do this at: contact form.

  • With the information provided in the registration form, a CIF-GPS test environment will be automatically created in our cloud servers, exclusively for you, so that when the registration process has been completed, the following information will be given:
    • The Web address for access to the CIF-GPS server in the cloud: From this address you can download the desktop application (client program for Windows systems), which will allow you to use and test without limits all the functionalities of CIF-GPS.
    • Information to access your data base: In order to connect to your CIF-GPS test environment, you will be provided with a server identifier ( a unique identifier for your data base) as well as your username and password to access CIF-GPS.
    • Access to the CIF-GPS user manuals : to guide you in your first steps and so that you can test all the functions that CIF-GPS puts at your disposal.

    This information will also be sent to your e-mail address so that you may review it when necessary.

  • You may then access your CIF-GPS test environment. To do so, you must direct a Web browser window to the address of the CIF-GPS server in the cloud ( must then download and install the application for the work station, (client program).

    Once downloaded and installed (its installation is simple, you simply need to go through all the file copy steps, and icons will be added to your desktop to access CIF-GPS) when you enter CIF-GPS for the first time, you will be asked to enter the CIF-GPS server identifier that you have been provided at registration.

    After entering the identifier on your server, you will be able to start the session with your username and key, after which you will be able to see the principal CIF-GPS window and operate with the test data.

    You will be provided with an environment with various vehicles and routes so that you may learn about all the different operations that can be performed with CIF-GPS. You may consult the user´s guide guía de usuario to see all the available functions.

From this moment, you will have 30 days to test CIF-GPS with all its functionalities. Before the end of this period, CIF-GPS will contact you to determine if you need more test time and/or have had any problem using the application. We are very interested in your opinion.

After the test period, your test environment will be eliminated automatically, along with all the information you have entered.

You may also have your CIF-GPS installed in dedicated virtual servers in the cloud. For this you will need to acquire or have an account with, for example, "Amazon Web Services EC2" (Elastic Computer Cloud) such as CIF has, or any other provider of computing services in the cloud. The CIF-GPS installation in the cloud can be performed by your technicians, or you could aslo ask CIF for assistance in contracting the service and configuring the server in the cloud, as well as pacing it in production. You may contact us at contact form in the Web page.

The installation cost will be approximately one hour (one ticket). The account with the service provider in the cloud will be exclusively for you, and CIRF will only take action if required, upon your authorization, to resolve any incident that may come up, by means of the acquisition of assistance "tickets".

Please do not hesitate in contacting us by means of the contact form in the Web page to pose any question, we will be glad to assist you as rapidly as possible.

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